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Switzerland: A naked woman covered in blood (Lina Romay) is discovered in a medieval lakeside castle along with the bodies of its owners.

Hysterical and in mute shock she is taken to the clinic of Dr. Farkas (Michael Maien) for examination. She will gradually discover that the clinic is breeding for sexual activities and that Dr. Farkas is not exactly what he appears to be. In the meantime a local inspector (DP Peter Baumgartner) looks into the case.

One of JF's better films for Erwin C. Dietrich, actually I tend to like them better than most critics. It's kind of his version of SLAUGHTER HOTEL by way of THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI, only filmed on spic and span white tiled settings and the misty lake regions of Switzerland. Baumgartner's camera lingers over the light refractions on such objects as prints of birds, guitars and record players as the inmates of Dr. Farkas writhe in lesbian orgies on surprising clean bedsheets.

The series of killings by a black clad killer recall Mario Bava's BLOOD AND BLACK LACE and other such gialli and this can be seen as Franco's commentary on that genre as well as another Women In Peril item of the era.

Lina Romay's close cropped intstitutional haircut may be credible in this context but one longs to see her in full mane as we do in the opening scene and flashbacks.

Franco's cubist'telezoom style was proving to be a dead end at this juncture and it was good that he would be parting was with the Swiss producer to make more personal films such as SINFONIA EROTICA (1979) and THE SADIST OF NOTRE DAME (1980) and his subsequent Golden Films Internacional productions.

There's also a notable visual "quotation" from Robert Siodmak's THE SPIRAL STAIRCASE (1944), the killer-in-the-house classic by one of Franco's favorite directors.

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109032|Wicked Women - Frauen ohne Unschuld

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