Blood Sisters (1987) full movie: Roberta Findlay sleaze-horror, late 80s style

Robeerta Findlay was a better director of such 1970s erotica as ANGEL ON FIRE and THE ALTAR OF LUST (1974), but she also made sleazy horror films in the 1980s, like this one. The set is a freshly painted early 20th mansion which is the production value, exterior and sets the tone all at once. The pretty ladies slaughtered in a vintage brothel ghost story is trashy fun and doesn't try to be anything other than that.  This is actually a well-shot film, by Findlay herself, with many Dutch camera angles, competent lighting and editing. It looks like a Film rather than an amateur effort. Remember, Findlay was the wife and frequent DP of the late Michael Findlay on such utter trash as SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED.  

The acting here is quite horrid. Nonetheless, that adds to the fun for me. Actually, it's quite entertaining and watchable. Findlay followed this with 1988's PRIME EVIL, about a satanic sect making human sacrifices. A shot in New York quickie, it's got some effective scenes and images. It's worth seeing once, just once.... Here's a link to an informative blog on Michael and Roberta Findlay by Michelle Alexander and Keith Crocker:
Roberta Findlay

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