The title tells all in this second CINEFEAR compilation of Ed Wood's 1970s hardcore porn loops. It's another must-have for those who love and need everything Ed Wood put his hands and consciousness onto. CINEFEAR's first compilation included Wood directed 8mm porn loops from 1973-74 made for and distributed by SWEDISH EROTICA, first in 8mm and later in Super 8mm. Each loop is approximately 10 minutes long, some are two parters. Loops such as the two part THE VIRGIN NEXT DOOR and HOLLYWOOD STARLET featured XXX superstar John Holmes, all legendary 14 includes of the lanky performer. Two particular favorites of that compilations were the subliminal horror of DEVIL CULT and the humorously titled BEHIND THE ATE BALL. Wood at his most creative and subversive.  

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It all starts at the zoo with PARK LOVERS as a couple contemplate turtles in an open aquarium. That location alone screams Ed Wood to me. In the opening shot the woman walks away from the camera, drawing us immediately into the action. After some vertiginous angles of the turtles in the habitat cut to interior of a crash pad where the couple get in on for the remainder of the loop. All action right away, The sometimes witty added dialogue is presented in very readable subtitles. These were all shot silent. The enjoyably campy, 1970s vintage soundtracks were added later for these compilations and they really enhance the experience. 

Holmes headlines (pun intended) BIG JOHN 1 & 2, which features the exterior splendor of a San Fernando Valley mansion where a starlet lolls naked on a float as pool cleaner Holmes wanders closer and closer until until he ends up on the float and later endlessly services her on the pool ladder. The female vocal ("I want it")  is just part of the fun of the 1970s funk cues which provide perfect running audio accompaniment to the Adult antics. 

MORNING WALK opens with mini skirted Ginger walking her Afghan through the suburbs. Once again, we get fascinating mid 1970s suburban vistas, streets, classic cars and So Cal residential architecture overlooked by huge palms swaying gently in the breeze. This one almost qualifies as a roughie. A couple who seem to be friendly with Ginger drive up, greet our dog lover and soon she's inviting them into her bungalow. As she leaves the room to attend to the dog the couple immediately huddle to plan her forceful seduction. Sharon will pleasure Ginger while the Mike holds her. Let's call it a not-that-rough roughie. 

I especially enjoyed the over-the-top music heard in TOO HOT TOO HANDLE, as two female roommates get it on until a peeper bursts in to join the friendly action. Pure Ed Wood here! 

More outdoor action unfolds in CAMPER GIRLS which starts as a camping trip, complete with a vintage RV which disgorges several couples who have a go at it among the pines and boulders of Southern California. The final loop presents an old fashioned game of strip poker, which leads to harder happenings, in GARTER GIRLS, which closes out this generous selection of rare Ed Wood tricks and treats. 

 All of these loops show a certain stylistic and strategic evolution, more exteriors and creativity in camera angles and staging than the previous loop collection. These arrays of short hardcore treasures are finally given the careful presentation and affordable distribution they deserve. Remember back in the day these could cost up to 50 USD per loop when mail ordered. 

These can be ordered from the folks at CINEFEAR.....       (C) Robert Monell, 2017


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