Thanks to Bill Knight of MIDNIGHT VIDEO for posting these comparisons on FACBBOOK. This is the first time I was made aware of a much longer version of the 1970 Pierre Chevalier directed Eurocine French-Spanish coproduction. Kudos to Bill for his sharp eye and detailed research. I'll be adding a review of the film (the DVD version) in the future and the longer version if it ever materializes. This alternate/extra footage all appears in the UK VHS (see image below). Most of this footage in not in the previous DVD by Image or the old WIZARD big box VHS, retitled THE INVISIBLE DEAD.

Extra footage contained in the UK CHV PAL VHS. Extra footage is PAL running time.
You can literally see the cuts/edit points in the DVD versions and the WIZARD release. Onscreen title on the UK VHS is ORLOFF AGAINST THE INVISIBLE MAN
which is on the film itself and not super-imposed like the DVD release.

Image Entertainment DVD running time: 75 minutes, 54 seconds
UK CHV PAL VHS: 91 minutes, 7 seconds (PAL running time)

9:05 (1 minute 55 seconds extra) - more footage of Doctor Garodet walking thru the forest
15:19 (1 minute 20 seconds extra) - haunting footage with eerie music of Professor Orloff showing his background. Also shows his castle, laboratory and the Invisible man carrying different objects. Also shows Fernando Sancho writhing in pain at various times.
16:50 (40 seconds) - shows Orloff spying on the red-haired girl - then shows Orloff in a ghost-like form spying on Doctor Garodet as he walks down the hallway to open the door.
23:06 (22 seconds) - shows the creature spying on Doctor Garodet (as he leaves the room) and girl
23:16 (7 seconds) - shows shots of Orloff's creature
34:37 (3 minutes 2 seconds) - alternate/different footage as black-haired girl is stripping while Fernando Sancho watches her. This footage lasts 43 seconds NTSC on the Dvd, compared to 3 minutes 2 seconds PAL on the UK tape.
55:30 (43 seconds) - after Doctor Garodet falls asleep in the chair it shows more of the paintings and then Orloff whipping a girl in the forest
1:02:15 (1 minute 26 seconds) - after Doctor Gardoet grabs the candle it shows more footage of him walking thru the castle down to the dungeon
1:16:11 (1 minute 29 seconds) - after Orloff tells the red-haired girl to "get out of the castle, the Invisible Man has set the place on fire" shows more footage of Garodet running thru the dungeon, freeing Fernando Sancho who is then attacked, fights and is killed by the creature.

There are countless scenes of extra footage lasting 10 seconds or less in many, many parts of the film. There are also extended/alternate takes of quite a few scenes in the film as you can tell by the running times. Trying to explain all of this in writing would be a chore. I'd rather work on putting together a longer version which I have planned in the future.

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