The Killer with a Thousand Eyes movie downloadInspector Lawrence (Anthony Steffen), a tough narcotics cop from London, is sent to Lisbon to investigate the murder of an Interpol agent who was working to crack a vicious international drug ring centered in the Portuguese city. Teaming up with an international group of drug agents, under the control of the Lisbon police, Lawrence discovers that things are not as they seem when the team members begin to be systematically murdered by a killer who seems to know the movements and plans of the team in advance.

Steffen always looks cool and collected in his Euro-genre efforts, whether they be Spaghetti Westerns (DJANGO, THE BASTARD), horror (THE NIGHT EVELYN CAME OUT OF THE GRAVE) or the more straight up giallo THE CRIMES OF THE BLACK CAT. He's also credited as a co-scriptwriter here, as he is on TROPIC OF CANCER (1972), which might explain why he seems to transmit an edgy attentiveness in even the walk-through moments.

The main question: Is this film a giallo, as it is often termed, or a Eurocrime effort with Eurospy undertones? The title may signal giallo but it registers as an engaging, briskly paced blending of all three which tips toward the Eurocrime ledger since the main character is a police officer investigating a drug cartel at the risk of his own life. Speedy pacing of short, suspenseful scenes leading to stalkings, shootings, extended gunfights between the team and the drug gang and a car chase over the Lisbon suspension bridge ending with a carload of thugs crashing off the span, hold attention until the final showdown between Lawrence and the villains behind the mayhem. Another  percolating score by Marcello Giombini further boosts the smart staging of key scenes on the eye catching Lisbon and Barcelona locations.

A highly competent supporting cast of welcome genre favorites, including Antonio Pica, Eduardo Fajardo (LISA AND THE DEVIL), Julian Ugarte (ALL THE COLORS OF THE DARK), Raf Baldarsarre (EYEBALL), give the always swaggering Steffen a run for this money. Steffen even gets to show off some karate moves while fighting various thugs. Amusingly, a martial arts consultant is credited.  Under the nimble, assured direction of Juan Bosch (EXORCISM), this Spanish-Italian production goes down quickly, easily and with style to spare. Ted Rusoff dubs Ugarte and, if my ear is to be trusted, Fajardo. Keep an eye peeled for Britt Nichols (A VIRGIN AMONG THE LIVING DEAD) in a small role.

I give this a solid 3 out of 4 stars.

(C) Robert Monell, 2015

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