Paris video store owner, publisher/editor of the Fanzine "Monster Bis" since 1979, director and sometimes actor in 9 films (two in post production), Norbert Moutier aka N.G. Mount, Bert Goldman, Norbert Georges Mount is perhaps the King of Z movie fantastique, at least in France

Fantastique is that elusive genre which hovers somewhere between classic fantasy and magic realism, with perhaps a detour into outright surrealism. The stories of Poe, Gaston Leroux, Lovecraft, Borges, the films of Jean Cocteau and Jean Rollin, all qualify to greater or lesser degree. Some define fantastique as a mood of terror in the face of incomprehensible situations suddenly overwhelming quotidian reality. Moutier has knocked out a series of film fantastiques seemingly made for his own amusement, and that's a welcome attitude in an industry where the bottom line is often the only line. Jean Rollin himself is featured here in a blatant rip-off of JURASSIC PARK by way of Ridley Scott's ALIEN!
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Dinosaur from the Deep
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OGROFF, a 1983 rural zombie/slasher epic is perhaps his masterpiece. It looks like it was made over a single weekend, was shot in Super 8mm and is wonderfully original, stuffed with grotesque humor, bleeding with non stop gore and totally unpredictable. Being a Eurospy enthusiast I have also managed to see the 1990 OPERATION LAS VEGAS, Moutier's Nevada lensed espionage saga featuring a post-Godfrey Ho Richard Harrison as a weary US agent foiling a terrorist plot to destroy Hoover Dam. Most of it is shot in casino hotel rooms and garbage strewn desert vistas but it all somehow works as a no-budget nod to the International sub-Bond genre. Moutier never attempts to hide his budget deficiencies and presents them front and center as part of the entertainment package. Sometime Jean Rollin, the late actress Brigette Borghese co-stars a Britta, a muscled up terrorist chick who can play ninja with Mr. Ninja himself, Richard Harrison. 

This approach reaches its outrageous apex in Moutier's 1994 science fiction/action-adventure/monster/gore epic, DINOSAUR FROM THE DEEP. Shot in video, on European and US locations, this is his most ambitious and unapologetic attempt to give the viewer his version of JURASSIC PARK meets the ALIEN series on the set of MINORITY REPORT!  Moutier doesn't screw around, he steals from the big guys. Who's going to sue him, anyway?

In 2004 Philadelphia ruthless bounty hunters led by Moutier himself hunt down a desperate fugitive in the urban blight. Meanwhile Professor Nolan (Jean Rollin) conducts hideous experiments on inmates in his secret asylum. The hunters and the Professor somehow end up on an outer space mission (check out the cardboard spaceship!) to the planet Terra. Also along on the ride are the Professor's wife (Sylvaine Charlet, who was also responsible for the relentlessly frenetic synth score), a lawyer (Christopher Beir), the ship's crew, a photographer and another scientist. In search of dinosaurs and a place to eliminate Earth criminals the team in quickly attacked by hungry living dinosaurs. Retreating, one of team gets his hand chopped off while entertainment is provided by a local "Cave Girl" (Ouelou Parente) dressed in leopard skins as she dances to 80s rock blasted from her handy boom box. Escaping back to the space ship the team is systematically eaten, ALIEN style, by dinosaurs who have hidden on the craft. The dinosaurs are amusingly represented by stop motion miniatures, clay/papier-mache models and hand puppets! Witnessing the survivors eaten alive by obvious hand puppets is a sight to behold.

That's the best I can do given the unsubbed print I took in. It all somehow holds together out of sheer determination to go forward without any believable plot, interesting characters, credible sets, decent special effects or post production. It's a pillar of Le Bad Cinema which creates a nonstop sense of surreal entertainment. Absolute absurdity staged with absolute absurdity. It all ends with the crew getting devoured as Professor Nolan manages to survive by locking himself in a hermetically sealed chamber. When he is finally rescued it is decided to have him committed to an insane asylum because, as everyone knows, the living dinosaurs he talks about don't exist!

The late Jean Rollin obviously enjoyed himself here. The late Tina Aumont also appears briefly as Nolan's assistant. All technical departments are gloriously deficient.

I'll return with more reviews of N.G. Mount productions in the near future...

(C) Robert Monell, 2015

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